The “Breaker of Chains” A Guide to Divorce in Texas

By Anna Din,

What exactly does the divorce process look like in Texas? How long does it take? The answers depend on different circumstances of course. How much property is involved or at dispute? Do you have children under 18? Are both parties agreeable to the terms? This is why it is important for you to take advantage of a free consultation with an attorney, so you can discuss some of these questions in more detail to get an accurate understanding of what the process will look like.

Normally, a divorce takes 60 days in Texas. Our firm is dedicated to helping you finalize your divorce within 60 days and no longer, but Texas requires that you wait at least 60 days from the day the Petition for the divorce is filed (with certain exceptions based on family violence, etc.). Once the petition is filed, we have to serve your spouse. If the parties are agreeable to the divorce, then we can get your spouse to sign off on a waiver of service which is filed with the Court. Otherwise we will hire someone to serve your spouse with the paperwork.

When your dreaded sixty-day waiting period is coming to a close, we file a Decree setting out the property division, custody agreement, and child/medical support provisions. If both parties sign off on this decree, then we just have to go in front of the Judge to “prove-up” the Decree by asking you a few simple questions, ensuring that you really are agreeable to the terms. Note, most people enjoy hearing this part so the emphasis is for your benefit: YOUR SPOUSE DOES NOT NEED TO BE PRESENT WHEN WE DO THIS. If the Judge agrees, she/he will then sign off on the Decree granting your divorce! It really can be that simple.

Of course, there are other options when your spouse does not agree to sign off on the terms. We can get a “default judgment” meaning your spouse does not respond to the papers we served at all, we can consult with your spouse or his/her attorney in order to reach an agreement, OR we can hash the matters out during a trial.

We know how difficult it can be waiting for this tedious process to be over. An attorney should be willing to help you with the understanding that you are trying to accomplish a fresh start with sanity for you and stability for your children. That is why we pride ourselves in the title “Breaker of Chains”. Our firm helps both men and women obtain a new beginning by 60 days, with terms that are fair to you.

If you have any specific questions about your situation, please call us for quick relief. Ask what Lady Justice can do for you.

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