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Even the most amicable divorces can be emotionally trying, but when one or both of the parties feel injured by the decision to dissolve the marriage, there’s a much greater likelihood for a protracted battle. Your financial future and wellbeing can depend on how your divorce is settled, and when children are involved, the stakes are even higher. In The Woodlands, family law attorney Anna Din stands ready to offer professional, compassionate guidance to her clients who are going through a divorce. She has the experience and divorce law knowledge to serve the best interests of you and your family.

Filing For Divorce in Texas

Texas is a no-fault divorce state, which means that neither party has to prove that the other is the reason for the dissolution of marriage. One of the spouses must be the petitioner and the other is the respondent. There’s a 60-day mandatory waiting period, but complicated divorces often take six months to a year. Additionally, one of the spouses must be a resident of the state of Texas for six months and a resident of Montgomery County for 90 days if you intend to file here. Attorney Anna Din will work diligently to complete your divorce as expeditiously as possible without compromising the integrity of your case.

Factors to Consider for Divorce

While you will discuss your case with your divorce lawyer, it’s beneficial to begin organizing your information and mentally preparing for the divorce process. Here are a few things you’ll want to consider talking to your divorce attorney about:

  • Community Property – Assets accrued during the marriage are usually considered community property, with some exceptions. The courts may, however, award an uneven split, depending on the circumstances of your particular case.
  • Debt – Like the assets acquired during the marriage, most debt is the responsibility of both spouses. You’ll more than likely be responsible for a portion of debt.
  • Child Custody – Like many other states, Texas awards custody based upon the best interests of the children. It also favors reasonable arrangements created by the parents. Start thinking about what works best for you.
  • Child Support – In the state of Texas, child support is based upon parental income and the amount of time that the child(ren) stay at each parent’s residence.
  • Alimony – Spousal support is sometimes awarded, but like child support, it’s capped at $5,000 per month by Texas state statute.

It’s in your best interest to speak to a professional divorce lawyer before entering into negotiations with your spouse or their attorney.

Professional Family Law Attorney for The Woodlands and Montgomery County

If you’re going through a divorce, you’re going to have questions about the process and about your future. Family law and divorce lawyer Anna Din is dedicated to serving her clients and will be available to you while you go through the Texas divorce process. Located in The Woodlands, the Law Office of Anna Din has a reputation for protecting the legal rights of her clients and getting them fair and equitable divorce settlements. Call today to schedule a free initial 60-minute consultation.

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