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For most parents going through a divorce, the custody of their children is of paramount importance. Who will get to see the children more? Who’s going to make decisions with regard to schools, doctors, religion, et cetera. Montgomery County family courts will always put the interests of the children ahead of all other concerns, but as a parent, you do have rights. Family law attorney Anna Din in The Woodlands can ensure that your child custody agreement protects the wellbeing of you and your children.

Texas Child Custody Laws

Texas law refers to child-custody agreements at conservatorships. In the past, Texas and other states strongly considered factors like gender and marital status to determine the division of custody in shared parenting plans. Now, the family courts examine what’s in the best interest of the child or children with regard to safety, stability, and quality of life. There are two primary types of conservatorships: joint managing and solo managing.

Joint Managing Conservatorships (JMC)

In most instances, the court will approve a joint managing conservatorship shared-parenting plan. This doesn’t mean that the time will be divided equally. For example, the family court judge may deem that it’s in the best interest of a child to remain with one parent during the school week or during certain periods of the year. In many cases, one of the parents is still required to pay support to the other.

Solo Managing Conservatorships (SMC)

In cases where one of the parents has a history of domestic violence, child abuse, substance abuse, or an outstanding restraining order, the court may award the other parent a sole managing conservatorship.

As a general rule, the courts favor shared parenting plans that are submitted by the parents. If they deem that part of the plan isn’t in the child’s best interest, they may reject it and request an amended plan. Parents can submit plan modifications on their own to the courts if circumstances change.

Child Support Payments

The obligor is the parent who is required to pay child support. The court can order child-support payments to be paid in both JMCs and SMCs. Support payments are based upon the obligor’s income, the number of overnight stays with each parent, and the number of children. There are a number of legal remedies to force the payment of child support, including wage garnishment.

Professional Child Custody and Support Attorney for The Woodlands and Montgomery County

Child custody disputes can be emotional and stressful. Allow the law to work in your favor. The Law Office of Anna Din can help you assert your parental rights and avoid stressful encounters with your child’s other parent. Contact our office in The Woodlands to schedule a free initial 60-minute consultation.

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